7 Ways to Utilize an Extra Room at Home

Mark & Diana Massey

There’s a good chance that you’ve been home more often than ever before and you’re now wanting to shake things up a bit. As you look around the home, you realize that you’ve already painted the entire place, the furniture has been rearranged more times than you can count, and that backsplash you’ve been dying to install is finally in the kitchen. Now what? Maybe you have an extra room that’s currently just storing all of your junk. Let’s dive right into our 7 ways to better utilize that room!

Create a Home Office

Working from home has been a difficult transition for most people this past year. Your private living quarters used to be just that, but now we’re virtually welcoming co-workers from our living rooms and even bedrooms. While there’s no shame in where you log in, having a special place to work, like a home office, can boost your productivity significantly. All you really need is a desk, chair, and computer. For decorating tips, check out 27 Ways to Create a Stylish Small Home Office.

Incorporate a Craft Room

Speaking of decorating, have you been feeling more creative lately? There are so many artistic hobbies out there to try like painting, scrapbooking, and crocheting. Try having an entire room dedicated to these kinds of activities. Unless you want to become an expert, don’t just limit yourself to one hobby. Make a corner for an art easel, put in a desk so that you can sort through all of your old photos, and add a futon for somewhere comfortable to sit while you attempt to make hats and mittens.

Set Up a Home Gym

Who wants to pay for a gym membership when you have enough room for your own workout equipment? Think about all of the possibilities an extra room brings to your fitness routine. One day it could be a yoga studio and the next it can turn into a space for weight lifting. With all of the virtual, instructor-led classes out there, you can also add a TV to your home gym for an optimal viewing experience.

Soundproof a Music Room

Whether you used to play the drums, guitar, or even piano (or still do), now’s the time to bring in your equipment from the garage to start rocking once again. If you’re worried about interrupting the rest of the household, there are ways to design a music room to avoid that. This would also create a perfect environment for someone in the family who wants to start learning to play an instrument. You’ll especially want to look into soundproofing if that’s the case.

Construct a Home Theatre

Almost every movie ever made can be streamed to your home as of today. With a plethora of film studios joining in on the action, all you need to do is pay for a subscription of your choice. You might enjoy watching a flick from the couch or bed, but imagine what it would be like to have your own private home theatre. This could include installing surround sound, adding reclining chairs, buying a popcorn machine, and plugging in a mini fridge.

Ready a Guest Room

Most of the major holidays have come and gone, and were even held virtually for the first time in history. Setting up a guest room may be the last thing on your mind for now, but there are ways to have the best of both worlds. The first option is to look into Murphy beds, which can fold up and lie out with ease. These help people who always want to have a bed ready for guests just in case. The other option is to store a bed inside of the shed, basement, or garage. Mattress covers are inexpensive and will keep yours clean while it’s tucked away. See above for what you can now do with all of this extra room.

Storage Space

Lastly, you can simply make an extra room into a proper storage space. Wired shelving and customizable organizational systems will help you set yourself up for success by organizing from the ground up. Give yourself some room to walk around freely, especially for when it’s finally time to put all of your winter gear away.

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