Interior Design Trends for 2023

Mark & Diana Massey

In the 2010s, interior decorating trends veered toward pared-back minimalism. Now, the pendulum is swinging in the opposite direction.

2023 is about embracing maximalism with bold colors, patterns, and textures, and incorporating the 1970s aesthetic. From earth tones to statement stone, here are interior design trends for 2023 that allow you to truly make a statement.

Earth Tones

Designers are seeing a departure from the neutrals, warm whites, and soft hues that previously defined home decor. Now in style are earth tones, muted versions of ‘70s shades. You can incorporate this nostalgic trend in your home with the colors avocado green, sunset orange, rust, mustard, and brown.

Monochromatic Rooms

Make an impact with monochromatic color schemes. The key is to start with three colors and use different shades of the same tone. Blues, lilacs, and grays are calm, whereas pinks, oranges, and browns are traditionally warm.

So that the space doesn’t look too quiet, mix it up with texture. You could place textured linens in the bedroom, vibrant marble countertops in the kitchen, and patterned furnishings in the living room.

White walls will never go out of style. Still, you can create more comfort and coziness at home with colorful upholstery, moody wallpaper, and painted nooks.

Curves and Arches

Sharp edges are making way for softer shapes this year. Incorporating this trend in your home is as easy as adding rounded furniture, like sofas or chairs, or small decor details, like vases and mirrors. If you’re ready to go big, consider opting for arched doorways to create even more dimension.

Used and Vintage Furniture

Add character to your home with used and vintage furniture, particularly the brown furniture pieces of the ‘70s. You can grab these at antique, thrift, and vintage stores. It’s better for the environment and can be a more affordable option.

Now manufacturers are producing brown furniture pieces again, making them more accessible for everyone.

Statement Stone

Marble and stone, commonly used on the surfaces of window sills, baseboards, and moldings, are now being used for pieces that act like works of art. Think of sculptural coffee tables and side tables or decorative bowls and vases. Stones in deep burgundy, rich evergreen, and rosy pink colors are also coming back.

Bathrooms are getting a makeover, too, with floating stone vanities. This custom option provides a striking look to one of the bathroom’s main features.

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